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About us

Team Agile is a consulting and training company for software development  technologies and methodologies. We specialize in Agile methodologies such as Scrum, eXtreme Programming, Test Driven Development and other techniques that enable your development team to build more robust, reliable and maintainable systems, while maximizing the value that your customers expect. We also provide consulting for .NET based applications regarding architecture and best practices.

What we can do for you

Team Agile provides training and mentoring for your development team and development managers on various Agile & technological topics. With the right investment of time, we can help you make your team more productive, sure of their code and happier with what they produce than ever before. Not only that, they will be able to produce more value to your customer in less time. Your code base will be easier to maintain, your development process will be more reliable and automated and you will be able to produce product releases in shorter amounts of time. Integration will be easier, you will have less bugs than ever before and you will be able to finally say "yes, I know it works" to your managers. See our list of services for more specific course and seminar information.

Contact us today and we'll help you choose the path that is right for your team to start learning and taking advantage of these time tested and proven techniques. Whether you are doing .Net development on Framework 1.1 or 2.0, whether you use C++, Visual Basic 6.0 or Java, these methodologies will help you regardless of language, operating system or technology. They are an "old new" way of thinking about how we approach our development tasks, and they can be done on any platform. Of course, we provide specific courses for Microsoft platforms such as .Net, VB 6.0 and C++ so we will always be speaking your developers' language.

Because we've done this for other companies, we know the kind of pain you will experience as you try to learn these new methodologies. We've been there. We know the answers to most of the questions you're going to ask us because they repeat throughout each new team that learns them. It's not a hard process, but it does take discipline to learn. That's why we'll be there every step of the way - to make sure that you stay on the main road and not start to question yourself when things get a bit shaky the first time. We'll hold your hand as you make your first Agile project, or proof of concept, and see you through to the successful end of the first few iterations (until you feel comfortable enough).


Roy Osherove, Principal.

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Roy Osherove has spent much of the past decade developing IT solutions for various companies in Israel. He's a Microsoft MVP, holds several MCP titles, written various .NET related articles, some of them published on MSDN and MSDN Magazine, and most of which can be found on his weblog. Roy is also the author of the now famous free regular expression tool, The Regulator, and speaks in various community groups and conferences on topics such as Test Driven Development, Agile methodologies, Regular Expressions and extensible .Net applications. He is one of the leading voices for Agile development in Israel.

Roy's last "real" job was working as a senior consultant at Magen, a Microsoft Technology Center in Israel, where he also created and managed the Agile methodologies department. He's delivered seminars, courses and hands-on training on Agile concepts and Test Driven Development to some of the largest and most established organizations in Israel, including the military, Elbit, Checkpoint, Polycom and many more. He's also done training and mentoring outside of Israel and speaks at national conferences such as DevDays and TechEd on Agile development and .NET architecture, best practices and internals.

Roy is the Founder of the Agile Israel user's group - meeting monthly to discuss topics on Agile development, process improvement and implementing change in organizations.

The Microsoft MVP Program is a worldwide award and recognition program that strives to identify amazing individuals in technical communities around the world. Microsoft MVPs are recognized for both their demonstrated practical expertise and willingness to share their experience with peers in Microsoft technical communities. When you participate in Microsoft Newsgroups, Community Web Sites, Technical Chats, or User Groups you will find the Microsoft MVPs!

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