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Guide for the interviewee

Got something important to say?

If you feel you have something important to share with the community, something you're an expert at, and feel that everyone can learn a thing or two from you, contact me, and maybe we'll get you on the air.

Conversation guidelines:

The conversation can either be in Hebrew or in English. Your choice. Things I'm usually looking for are: Architecture, methodology, technology or interesting lessons and experiences from a combination of all of these. You should be fluent enough in English or Hebrew to be understandable. If people can't understand what you're saying, that kind of defeats the purpose, sorry.

Technical requirements

If you are in Israel, we can just meet face to face and record. Contact me by email and we'll set it up.

If you're not in Israel, the interview will take place using Skype, which offers excellent sound quality. That means you need to have good Internet connection to do this. You'll also need a "good enough" microphone and headset (preferably of the kind that are attached together in one piece so that the microphone is always close to your mouth).

Other then Skype, you should probably have MSN messenger setup (or other chat clients that can talk to my MSN client). That's because pre-interview we need to set things up in real-time, and email is just not the way to do that. So, use a chat client.

When interviewing, free yourself for up to 2-2.5 hours and find a quiet room with as little outside interference as possible!(phones, doors, dogs, cats, your mother-in-law etc..). That's because I'm accounting for various technical difficulties we might encounter during the interview and also for the fact that some things will have to be repeated a few times (we're human!). Eventually, after all the editing (there will be editing, sorry) the interview may be between 30-70 minutes.

That's the bare minimum.

When you interview, you give your concept to be published on this page and every other place I choose to host it (such as for example)

Contacting me using Skype or MSN Messenger


Please contact me by email first before calling me on any of the clients below. If we didn't set a chat up first by email, I may not answer your call.

  • My Skype user name is RoyOsherove
  • My MSN Messenger ID is RoyOsherove at hotmail dot com

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